Thursday, April 10, 2014

# 1 - The Librarians of The Waunakee Public Library

To me, the Waunakee Library is like the famed fictional bar, Cheers - sadly, without the beer - but ♫♪♫"sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name and they're always glad you came..."♫♪

They do ... and they are...

So, today I honored my first Pie It Forward recipients...the amazing Librarians of The Waunakee Public Library! Shown here are some of the librarians: Celine, Sarah, Jayne, Emily. Below: Susan, Jayne (again), Betsy.

They requested an April specialty pie from Hubbard Avenue Diner - the Apple Blueberry Cherry with double crust.

You may wonder why I chose the library and the librarians to receive the very first Pie It Forward pie?  Here's a reason in pictures:

Even more importantly, have you ever stopped to consider the value of your local library? I have. In fact, there's a calculator to determine the worth of a community library.

My family and I utilize the library A LOT. (My daughter got her own library while she was still in the womb.) In fact, the value of the library based on our use is estimated to be $11,000+ PER YEAR.

Input Your
Library Materials & ServicesValue of Your Use

120Adult Books Borrowed$2,040
240YA Books Borrowed$2,880

Childrens Books Borrowed
12Audiobooks Borrowed$119.40

Interlibrary Loan Requests
12eBooks Downloaded$180
12Magazines Read$60
12Newspapers Read$114
120Movies Borrowed$480
12CDs Borrowed$119.40

Music Downloaded

Meeting Room Use (per hour)
3Adult Program Attended$45
3Young Adult Program Attended$36

Childrens Program Attended

Museum Passes Borrowed
416Computer Use (per hour)$4,992

Database Searches

Reference Assistance


And, those are just the reasons that can be calculated. Other intangibles impossible to calculate are: 
  • Since I work from home, the library's a nice place to escape to when I need adult conversation or to work in a more business-like environment, away from the laundry and refrigerator, etc.
  • The librarians recommend books and movies and music based on past items I've checked out.
  • The overdue fines for books are 5 cents per day. 5 cents! What in the world can you get for a NICKEL these days?
  • If I have a question on where to locate certain information, the librarians steer me to an appropriate resource.
  • Here's another pictorial reason:

Thank you to librarians everywhere. And, thank you, Hubbard Avenue Diner for the pie.

Stay tuned to Episode #2 of Pie It Forward. The recipient is a young adult who was recently hospitalized with a relatively unknown disease called Lemierre's Syndrome, and has battled her way back to good health. Pie note: She has requested an apple pie.

(P.S. By the way, Waunakee is in dire need of a newer, larger library, post-haste. Let's get this done.)

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  1. Fantastic! This whole thing: the pie, the librarians, the library, you.