Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I Won a Year of Pie

In celebration of Pi Day (3/14), Hubbard Avenue Diner called for submissions of Pi-inspired pictograms for a chance to win FREE PIE for a year. In addition, they promised the winning design would be made into t-shirts.

My teen daughter and I were no stranger to pie or pi, or in fact, this particular contest. Last year, we submitted 20+ possible pi-logo creations. Alas, none made it to the final round.

This year the contest nearly slipped by unnoticed, but I was reminded again when my live-in Geometry student came home griping about about imaginary numbers, and surmising that next "We'll be studying UNICORNS!" She ranted how "i" could be the mind-boggling answer to the square root of -1. This math discussion prompted the inspiration for the PI equation above, and I submitted just the one entry this Pi season.

My entry and one another were chosen as finalists to compete for the win. For four days, I got out the vote with my Facebook friends and family. This stressful venture convinced I'd never survive running for office.

In the end, 233 votes were cast, and my design won by a mere *7* votes. (Life lesson: In every election, your vote does count!)

During the election, I already knew if I won pie for a year I wanted to do something special with my pie winnings. I'd decided to give them away to people I felt needed some happiness and sweetness in their lives. 

To me, pies have always equaled love. Three of my favorite things in the world are baking pie, sharing pie, and eating pie. In fact, my daughter often jokes, "If my mom likes you, she'll try to feed you." It's true. A bumper sticker on my car says, "Love people, Cook Them Good Food."

I have selected the first person I'm going to Pie It Forward to...stay tuned. I can't wait to share this adventure with you. 

I would be remiss if I didn't say "thank you" again to my friends and family who voted. Also, a huge THANK YOU to Hubbard Avenue Diner for sponsoring this contest. You're the best.


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