Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pie #4 - The Family Glue

If you're lucky, there's one in your family. You know the one. The one who is the glue - the stick 'um - the arranger of family gatherings, the birthday card mailer, the you-rah-rah cheerleader of all. The one, who if they did not exist, the entire family would probably drift away from one another.

In my family, her name is Aunt LeAnn or Aunt "Lan" to those who were unable to pronounce her name correctly as tots. She is one of my Dad's sisters, but in many ways, she's been like the sister I've never had.

Aunt LeAnn - with Banana Cream Pie

Only nine years separate us in age, so when I was little my Grandpa used to make her play with me. LeAnn scoffs when I mention it, and replies, "I wanted to play with you." And, I believe she did. We played Barbies, read books, and rode horses. In fact, those times are some of the best memories of my childhood.

To thank her for all she has been to me through the years, I was delighted to select her as this week's pie recipient. Fittingly, her birthday was also this week.

And, just like her Mom, she'll forever remain 29, but she has the energy and the zest for life to go along with her make-believe age. She's the first in any group to exclaim, "Let's Go!" or "Yes, let's do it!", usually along with one of her hearty, boisterous, unfiltered laughs. Her friends would tell you LeAnn's the kind of person you want to be near. In addition to being a supportive, fun-loving friend, she's also a fiercely-loving wife, Mama and GMomma who enjoys her family, above all else.

For your love, your support and your kindnesses, thank you Aunt LeAnn.
If Pie = Love, then Love = You.

To readers: Don't forget to thank the person who serves as your family's glue.

PIE PEEK: Mother's Day is nearly here, so it seems only fitting that the next pie post will feature Ann Imig, National Director of the Listen To Your Mother Show. Be there!

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