Friday, May 23, 2014

Pie #6 - Ken Lonnquist performs Pi Pie Song!

I took a week off from pie gifting. While I was thinking about who was pie-worthy, I had a meeting request from my friend - and famed local songwriter/entertainer/funny guy - Ken Lonnquist.

Voila! The perfect opportunity to combine pie with a man who has written or performed several pie songs. It seems our friendship was just meant to be as he wrote a song entitled "Pi Pie!"

Ken and his music have been a staple in my family's life ever since my daughter was a tot long ago and we discovered his children's music and concerts. Ken isn't limited to just little kids' entertainment though, as he also performed at my 40th birthday party, as well as my daughter's intermediate school.

Ken is a gifted musician and a funny entertainer who brings joy to so many, making him entirely worthy of pie. So yesterday, I brought along a cherry pie, while Ken brought along his ukelele and performed the chorus of "Pi Pie" on the spot! Enjoy!

Ken chose Hubbard Avenue Diner's Cherry Pie.

Ken & The Whateverlys cover Bob Dylan's "Country Pie."

Ken performs in clubs, coffeehouses, schools, colleges, churches, libraries and nature centers. He is available for booking here. Individual songs and/or CDs are available for purchase at his Marketplace website

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